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Snaxpax – Plastic Bag Alternative

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Hi, I’m Gill, designer, maker and seller of Snaxpax.

Originally from Sussex, in the UK, my husband, two sons and I finally emigrated to beautiful New Zealand in 2015 after falling in love with the country 7 years previous! I gave up my decade long job working for an insurance company to spend more time with my family and to be around for the school runs. A few years later, after my youngest had started school, Snaxpax was born. This gave me the best of both worlds, it enabled me to still be at home for my children and allowed me to work.

A little about Snaxpax, it started out by me sinking hours of time into researching alternatives for plastic snack bags. We were a busy family and my sons would often have a plastic bag of afternoon tea in the car on the way from school to one of their various activities! They were also learning about the negative impacts that single use plastic has on our environment, so something needed to be done.

I had been sewing a while and loved the creativity it gave me, so after several prototypes and hours of research, two snack bags became my first products, one size to fit sandwiches and one to fit the little snacks.

fabric food wrap
Snaxpax Food Covers

In the last couple of years, since my products sold at my very first market, I have added to my range. The snack bags filled a need for me and my family, they served a purpose in my household, but where to go from there? I am a big foodie, and I wanted my products to reflect that, and the massive waste that is so easily created by wrapping everything from leftovers, to bread dough to marinading meat in single use plastic.

My range now includes a variety of food covers, the perfect replacement for plastic wrap, reusable kitchen towels and cutlery rolls. I have a list in my head of so many more products to create, so watch this space.

All of my products are designed and handmade by me, from my home in Wellington. As a busy wife and mother, I wanted to make sure that my products were as easy as possible to use and care for, so that everyone feels they can make a small difference. My products are all machine washable, giving them the ease of use and multi-purpose power that we all look for.

reusable snack bag
Snaxpax Sandwich Bags

My business is a labour of love for me and my family, I am everything short of the accountant and IT geek, which my husband proudly holds the mantle for! I love making my products, knowing that they can make a big difference in some people’s lives. You can find me most weekends, especially during the Summer, at markets around the Wellington region. There is a great need and gap in the market for New Zealand made products, particularly at the moment and especially when the focus is sustainability. Snaxpax products are stocked at the Sustainability Trust in Wellington CBD and the Artisan co-op Store in Eastbourne, as well as online at our WEBSITE and our FACEBOOK page.

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