Lice Kit for Hair (Shampoo & Conditioner)


100% Natural hair treatment for head lice infestation.

Product does NOT contain chemicals (e.g.: Lindane or Malathion) orAlcohol
Gentle to hair shaft yet highly effective
No restrictions on frequency of use of product

The shampoo and conditioner are a reactive solution once the hair is already infested.
For a preventative measure use Proguard Natura Lice Repellent Spray on hair and in caps etc.
The shampoo can be utilized as a body wash for eradication of pubic lice, bed bugs and scabies.

1x Shampoo 150ml + Conditioner 150ml



Dealing with head lice naturally does mean taking a little more time. The alternative in using a product that may offer to kill the lice and eggs in 15-30 mins is the risk of having to use harsh synthetic chemicals.
Proguard Natura’s Lice shampoo & Conditioner does NOT contain chemicals (e.g.: Lindane or Malathion) or Alcohol. It’s gentle to the hair shaft, yet highly effective.
No restrictions on frequency of use of product

Main ingredients:
Aqua distilled,
Peg-80 Almond Glyceride
Cetearyl alcohol, Steralkonium, Paraffinum Liquidum, Behentrimonium Methosulphate, Phenoxyethanol MethylparButylparaben,
Essential oils – Marigold, Lanolin, Argan, peppermint, Tea tree, Lavender, citronella,

Lice are becoming increasingly resistant. Patiently combing and removing nits, sometimes over several days, is sometimes necessary.
Apply Proguard Natura Lice shampoo and leave in hair to immobilise and suffocate the live lice and penetrate the eggs.
Rinse and apply a generous amount of Lice conditioner
Using a fine-tooth comb, carefully section the hair and remove as many lice and eggs as possible.
Apply Proguard Natura’s Lice repellent spray before school as a preventative measure and to help avoid future infestation.


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