Anti-bacterial Disinfectant Waterless Hand Sanitizer


The Anti-Bacterial Disinfectant Waterless Hand Sanitizer is a very effective, natural product that has been independently tested by an independent MCC (Medicines Control Council) accredited
testing laboratory to eliminate 99.9% of all known bacteria.

As the product is NOT alcohol based it will not cause rashes or raw skin – highly effective and gentle!

Available in: 50ml, 100ml

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Our Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Sprays provide a fast and simple way to lower threats and reduce the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. maintain hygienic environments. Many people disregard the importance of hand washing, but hands are harbourers for bad bacteria. Sanitized hands prevent the spread of diseases and sicknesses, like the common cold. Without hand sanitisation, your staff and customers are spreading the bacteria they bring from the washroom onto their food, mobile phones, faces and even onto your own hands.
We can easily apply the Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray onto any wall, whether in the kitchen or washroom area. Many industries that benefit most from our hand sanitising units include medical centres, food production sites, offices, receptions areas and other high traffic locations where there is a high risk of cross contamination.

Effective at eliminating 99.9% of many common harmful germs and bacteria such as EG, E. coli, Salmonella and S.Aureus.
You can use this hand sanitizer spray on your hands as well as on the surfaces and wipe them down.
No Chemicals – No Alcohol – No Triclosan
Gentle on the skin while being highly effective

Active Ingredients:
7 Essential Oils, Lanolin, Aloe, Carbapol Glycerin Distilled Water, DÁlphatochopherol Acetate, Polysorbate 80, Propelyne Glycol.
Personal Use: Spray on dry hands and rub together thoroughly.
Household Use: Spray surface several times and leave to dry.

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50ml, 100ml


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