Eco Friendly Products Reviews

I don’t go anywhere without Proguard Natura Antiseptic spray. I use it for almost anything. From insect bites to skin rashes. Amazing product

  • Edgar
Eco Friendly Products Reviews

I first came across the hand sanitizer range while in level 4 lockdown in NZ. I purchased a mini spray that I keep in my car and a larger one that I keep in my office. The smell is pleasant but it does a great job of killing germs and bacteria on my hands. I also wipe down door handles before and after customer visits. I have also struggles with some fungal foot issues, and the spray is improving the condition of my feet. Have to say, I am now looking at other products

  • Paul C
Eco Friendly Products Reviews

During this covid requirement for hand sanitizers I went through different products, some were too harsh on the skin and others to greasy. Using the proguard natura hand sanitizer has been easy on the hands and drys quickly. The small bottle makes it easy to carry in the pocker when going on site.

  • Rish Nair