F&J Honey NZ


“F&J New Zealand” and Nectavia, a partnership by two friends with a passion for bees and anything natural.

Like most good ideas, it all started with wine.

One of the friend’s wife’s is allergic to the sulphites in wine, and he wanted to find a more natural way to sort out the problem. In the mean while the other friend gained extensive knowledge of MEAD (honey wine) while traveling through Europe and Canada.

The 2 of them started experimenting with beekeeping and mead making from honey. All NATURAL, CHEMICAL FREE and NO ADULTERANTS

Honey was the natural starting point. The two friends were involved in many beekeeping projects across New Zealand. Their passion for bees and honey naturally led them to share their experience with a hands-on approach working with local bee keepers and clubs to promote a growing bee population for the greater good of all.

Natural products for New Zealanders and the rest of the world. The friends started promoting their honey and continued to develop other bee related products. They made sure their meticulous level of quality was always at the centre of their creations. Today, their products range from honey to cosmetics made right here in beautiful New Zealand.

They have their sights set on the rest of the world, and their goal is to be one of New Zealand’s most trusted brands, showcasing the best natural ingredients in innovative and forward-thinking products for generations to enjoy.


A beekeeping hobby that started in “grandma’s backyard” in Arkles Bay is stepping into the big league the honey infusions were launch in the line of five flavoured honeys.

The first 12 months were tough to get through the paperwork, but launed the honeys into mainstream markets. The product is available in a selected outlets.

The flavoured honeys were developed through trial and error at a laboratory on Aucklands North Shore. Initially, a lemon honey was created that could be marketed as a cold-relieving remedy. But the citric levels in the lemon proved a tough nut to crack so they turned instead to ginger. The result showed them that they were on the right track so with more experimentation, they came up with ginger, rose, cacao, mango and matcha (green tea). And, there are another five in the pipeline.

There’s quite a science to getting the blends right.

The goal is to change the way people look at honey – it’s not just another honey product, it is something entirely new with all-natural ingredients and no added salt or sugar.”

The potential for the flavoured honeys is enormous and early marketing has been promising. Far from being just a spread on toast at home, it’s being used in restaurants and bars, for everything from desserts to cocktails.

The honey is supplied from nine commercial beekeepers, located between Whakatane and Kerikeri.